A long, long time ago there was… 

Tikka-Jazz, Tikka-Soul, Tikka-Rock, Tikka-Roll

And now there is…

TIKKADOOM is a dynamic group that connects cultures and continents. This musical combo gets soulfully creative, with haunting vocals, swinging piano, stellar violin, orchestral upright bass and Indian tabla for percussion, blending the melodic, rhythmic and linguistic inspiration from India and beyond. Drawing on rich musical cultures from Hindustani classical, to New Orleans jazz, blues, and African influences they are cooking up a sound that is reinventing itself. 

Mehnaz Hoosein is an award winning, Hindustani classically trained singer, performer and songwriter from Mumbai, India who thrives on musical collaborations with artists from around the world. She fuses genres ranging from Pop, Jazz, Folk, Rock, Blues, Bollywood, Hindustani Classical and World Music and vocalizes in multiple languages. 

Jonny is a blues influenced classically trained pianist, composer, and arranger with a love of playing with others, regardless of genre. Raised in Southern Africa, he has a strong attraction to rhythmic grooves. 

Alex Dyring (Deer-ing) is an upright and electric bassist, composer, and arranger specializing in Jazz, Hip-Hop, and Latin American music. 

Bill Currie is a multi-instrumentalist who grew up studying accordion and viola while playing in bands and several orchestras, including three seasons with the Fresno Philharmonic Orchestra. He’s played with a number of Seattle bands and has toured nationally. His favorite instrument is electric violin, and he enjoys playing a wide variety of musical styles and recording studio roles, including keyboardist, composer and engineer.

Larry Mahlis is a drummer/percussionist who is known as an original and versatile voice on drum set and percussion. He has performed numerous times in orchestral halls, clubs and concert venues and has appeared on a number of recordings in addition to film and TV soundtrack work.  Larry has performed in the US, Japan, Mexico and Canada.

Upcoming shows

17 Feb @8:00pmSea Monster LoungeSeattle
25 Feb @7:00pmChicken Barn Concert HallClinton,WA
17 Mar @8:00pmSea Monster LoungeSeattle
13 June @7:30pmSea Monster Lounge Seattle

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  • An introduction to music and culture from India with a focus on basic concepts of Hindustani vocals and rhythms for kids and adults.